Commercial RO water system specifications:

  • Name: Commercial RO water system
  • Item model: GM-C series
  • Suitable water: Municipal tap water
  • Filter accurancy: 0.0001 micron
  • Filter element stage: 5 stage filter
  • Prevent electric shock level: Ⅲ level
  • Rated voltage: 24/36V
  • Rated power: 40/80W
  • Working pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa
  • Working water temperature: 4-4-℃
  • Storage water tank capacity: standard 11 gallon
  • Purified water flow: 15L-120/H ( based on request )
  • Suitable water flow: 100G-800G/day (based on request)
  • Whether have waste water: pure water : waster water=1:3
  • Suggest users: 20-200 person
  • Installation method: vertical/wall hanging

Commercial RO water system tips:

100G×3.75L=375L/day=15.6L/hour ( 1 gallon≈3.75L );

200G: capacity 31.2L/hour;

400G: capacity 62.4L/hour;

600G: capacity 93.6L/hour;

800G: capacity 120L/hour.

Just for suggestion:

100G RO water system suitable for:  10-20 person;

200G RO water system suitable for:  20-30 person;

400G RO water system suitable for:  30-40 person;

600G RO water system suitable for:  40-60 person;

800G RO water system suitable for:  50-80 person.

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    • Purify device
      Purify device says:

      Dear Mian asim

      Thanks for your inquiry of our RO system.

      In order to provide suitable proposal, we’d like to know more details:

      1, The daily capacity is 24000L,
      How many hour you will use it, if 24 hour, that means 1000LPH.
      If 12 hour, that means 2000LPH.

      2, And do you have raw water analyze report?
      What is raw water TDS?
      What is outlet water TDS you want to get?

      Best regards!

      Allen Chen

      Add: Zhejiang province, China.
      Tel: +86574 62240271
      Mobile: +86 139 8931 0058


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