1, CTO compressed carbon introduction:

The CTO compressed activated carbon filter provided by our company use high-quality granular activated carbon as raw materials, supplemented by food-grade adhesives, by using of high technology, made by special processes, it combines adsorption, filtration, catalysis in one body, can effective remove organic matter, chlorine and other volatile substances in the water, also has functions of decolorization, odor removal. Which is ideal new generation product for liquid & air purification industry currently.
By introducting of the most advanced automatic injection molding production lines and cutting-edge patented technology, production of activated carbon filter cover, by choosing of polymer materials, and TPR environmentally friendly material gasket injection in one, appearance exquisite beauty, gasket never fall, effectively solve the ordinary material covered with giant poison, odor, gasket off and other issues.

2, Application:
Drinking water filtration;
Filtering of plating solution;
Filtering of industrial waste water treatment.

3, Material:
Filter material: coal charcoal, fruit shell charcoal, coconut shell charcoal;
Grid: polyethylene;
Frame: polypropylene;
End cover: Polymer materials, polypropylene;
Gasket: non-toxic and tasteless TPR environmentally friendly materials, nitrile rubber.

4, Specifications: ( special type can be customized )
Length: 5 “, 10”, 20 “, 30”, 40 “;
Outside diameter: 65mm, 70mm, 115mm;
Inner diameter: 28 mm, 30 mm;
Accurancy: 5 ~ 10μm.

5, Main performance:
Use temperature: ≤52 ℃;
Maximum pressure difference: 0.4Mpa;
Maximum flow: 5L/min.

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