Sintered activated carbon filter:
Products using pickled high-quality carbon material, effectively remove chlorine in water, some organic substances such as pesticides, odor, color and some turbidity, and carcinogenic trihalon, can effectively improve the taste, make water sweet and delicious.

Sintered charcoal filter introduction:
Our company’s sintered carbon rods, with smooth appearance, high strength, good hydrophilicity, large water flow, efficient remove residual chemical oxygen demand (COD).

Sintered activated carbon filter:
Using high iodine value coconut shell carbon material, with our exclusive technical formula sintering forming shape. Can effectively reduce the chlorine and odor, and have excellent elimination function for volatile organic compounds.
Suitable for terminals and reverse osmosis systems. That is the currently granular activated carbon GAC and ideal alternative.

Antimicrobial sintering activated carbon rod filter:
With high purity silver loaded activated carbon powder and a very small amount of binder as raw material. Can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, while same time reducing the formation of nitrite, remove organic matter, color, odor and improve the taste, to ensure the safety and health of drinking water.

Remove heavy metal sintered activated carbon rod filter:
Organically combination of sintering with nano-materials and activated carbon, can effectively remove a variety of metals in water ( Such as: lead, thallium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, etc.), the ability to effectively remove lead, thallium, cadmium, as well as the removal of dissociation state residual chlorine capacity up to 99%.

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