EDI ultra-pure water equipment description:

1.EDI ultra-pure water equipment using automatic control mothed, to achieve automatic operation, will reduce the impact of human error on equipment;

2. Pretreatment system using reduction system design, to solve reverse osmosis membrane irreparable impact caused by excess chlorine;

3. Reverse osmosis membrane we select the imported United States DOW reverse osmosis membrane, make sure service life up to 3 years, water output conductivity less than 5us;

4. Pump we choose special South SUS304 stainless steel pump, running low noise;

5. Adopt Dow’s professional design software, water recycling rate can reach more than 65%;

6. Using top brand DI membrane module, the outlet water quality reaches more than 15 Megohm;

7. All racks use SUS304 stainless steel frame, beautiful appearance, durable service life;

8. Low-voltage components all selected Omron components, performance stability, reliable operation;

9. High degree of automation, simple operation, stable water quality, low operating cost;

10. In the management mode using process management and continuous improvement concept, in line with ISO9001 requirements, and continuously meet customer needs, to achieve customer satisfaction.

EDI ultra pure water equipment

EDI ultra pure water equipment

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