Reverse osmosis platn is a modern new type of pure water treatment technology. Through the reverse osmosis components to improve the purity of water quality, remove the water containing impurities and salt. Our daily drinking pure water is treated by reverse osmosis equipment, water quality is clear.

Reverse osmosis plant mainly consisted by following device:

1. Quartz sand:

Quartz sand remove the larger solid particles or easily precipitated impurities from water. Intercept small particles of impurities, so that the water will be further clarified and purified, making the water turbidity less than 5mg/L, then can make the water organic matter, bacteria, viruses and so on can be mass removed with the reduction of water turbidity.

2. Reverse osmosis plant activated carbon:

Activated carbon is widely used in domestic water and food industry, chemical industry, electricity and other industries. Because activated carbon has a large specific surface area and its surface is filled with pores with an average diameter of 20 to 30 angstroms (A), so activated carbon has a high adsorption capacity. In addition, activated carbon surface of a large number of hydroxyl and carboxyl and other functional groups, can complete chemical adsorption on a variety of properties of organic substances, as well as electrostatic attraction.

Activated carbon adsorption is making the use of activated carbon surface molecules uneven force then have surface energy. When the material collides with the solid surface, attracted to stay in the activated carbon surface, so as to achieve decolorization, odor, removal of heavy metals, all kinds of dissolved organic matter, radioactive elements. Remove harmful substances in water. Water purify activated carbon filter, iodine value more than 1200 after pickling treatment, particle diameter 10-24 mesh. It can effectively absorb the residual chlorine in water.

3. RO reverse osmosis device:

Reverse osmosis plant technology is usually used for seawater, brackish water desalination; water softening treatment; calcareous treatment: calcium and magnesium ion treatment: wastewater treatment and food, electronics, electroplating, medicine and other industries, direct drinking water purification, concentration etc., In addition, reverse osmosis technology used in pre-desalination treatment also achieved better fruit. So it is not only cost savings, but also conducive to environmental protection. Using the world’s most advanced low-temperature polyamide composite film produced by the United States Hyde as the main components, the system desalination rate of 99% or more, which effective remove suspended solids in water, organic colloidal substances, harmful bacteria, viruses, pyrogen and other impurities, so that the water quality fully meet the internaltional standard.

4. Security filter at reverse osmosis plant:
Security filter using the international advanced PP cotton meltblown filter. PP cotton can pile up smaller suspended solids, colloids, pathogens and other substances, to ensure the normal operation of reverse osmosis plant. In the case of the previous process failure to ensure safety and healthy water quality supply.

Reverse osmosis plant

Reverse osmosis plant

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