RO plant:

RO plant

RO plant is a membrane separation technique that is pressure-driven technology which by means of selecting permeable membrane ( semipermeable ) membrane. When the pressure applied in the system is greater than intake solution osmotic pressure, the water molecules through membrane continuously, pass by water production flow channel into the central tube, and then at the end of the water outlet end, the impurities, such as: ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., was trapped in the membrane side of the water inlet, and then out of the concentrated water effluent, so as to achieve separation and purification purpose.

RO plant briefly introduction:

RO plant is a plant that make original water through fine filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter etc., and then through pump for pressuring, make the use of pore size of 1/10000μm ( equivalent to the size of E. coli 1/6000, of the virus 1/300 ) reverse osmosis membrane ( RO membrane ), so that treat higher concentration water into a low concentration water, in the mean time, all isolate large amounts of impurities mixed into the water, such as: industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other, so as to achieve the required physical and chemical Indicators and health Standards, output of complete clear and pure water, which is the best choise for body timely supply high-quality moisture. As RO plant is the highest technology to produce water purity for human master of all water technology, while the cleanliness almost 100%, so people call this water RO plant as pure water making machine.

RO plant is a modern new type of pure water treatment technology. Through the reverse osmosis components to improve the purity of water quality, remove water containing impurities and salt. Our daily drinking pure water is treated by RO plant, then water quality is clear and clean.

The world’s first use of RO plant technology is the United States, invented the dynamic difference as the driving force of membrane separation technology. With the promotion of this kind of technology, China began to use reverse osmosis technology. Pure water equipment on the market are used reverse osmosis membrane treatment technology, and based on this we make a certain degree of improvement and design innovation. Technology has been very mature.

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment designed a reverse osmosis membrane. The pressure for both sides of membrane is different, based on pressure on both sides as the power, oppression raw water through the reverse osmosis membrane, then low salt concentration will penetrate through to high concentration salt, to achieve the equilibrium state, is the liquid osmotic pressure. When contain salt side have penetrate pressure on the other side, the flow occurs reverse direction, resulting in a reverse osmosis process.

RO plant pure water equipment are all adopts this technology, make the use of automatic water supply and water intelligent control, which is we called pure water equipment.

Pure water ro plant

Pure water ro plant