Seawater desalination ro plant:

Seawater desalination ro plant which is a plant adopts reverse osmosis technology to desalination seawater. Reverse osmosis sea water desalination ro machine composition: water taking system, pretreatment system, Desalination of seawater desalination device, energy recovery system, chemical cleaning part, chemical dosing system and equipment for power distribution and automatic control system.

Seawater desalination ro plant classification:
Marine, land use, container type.

Seawater desalination ro plant application:
Ship, island, coastal city

Pretreatment system:
Pretreatment system includes water supply pump, multi-media filter, precision filter, security filter, the main function is treatment of large particles impurities, residual chlorine and fine particles contained within raw water, to ensure the reverse osmosis system water inlet quality.

Reverse osmosis system:
Reverse osmosis system including: high-pressure pump, RO reverse osmosis membrane components, pressure regulator, cleaning tank, the major function: further treat the after pretreatment water to fresh water.

Seawater desalination ro plant treatment working principle:
Seawater from water supply pump into pretreatment system, after adding fungicides and flocculants through chemical dosing system into the quartz sand and activated carbon filtration system filtration.

After pretreatment system seawater then into high-pressure pump, under the action of high-pressure pump, via high desalination rate roll-type membrane, through control valve to increase the pressure, so that part of pure water in the sea water go through membrane into porous collection tube, pipe out of the equipment by means of soft tube, while salt is blocked in the membrane surface together with most of the seawater discharge from plant.

Filtered water after water quality reduction, PH adjustment and after adding inhibitor into the 5um security filter system, filtered low-pressure seawater all the way into high-pressure pump for pressuring, the other way into the pressure exchange energy recovery device.

The pressurized seawater is pressurized with a booster pump and mixed with water come out from high pressure pump enter into reverse osmosis membrane stack system. Under the treatment of membrane stack, some water through the membrane become fresh water, after water quality adjustment into the fresh water tank for storage. The rest of the high pressure concentrated water enters pressure exchange energy recovery system, after recovering the energy then discharge.

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    WU KHAI WOON says:

    I am from Malaysia I have an enquiry for a 100mld SeaWater RO system. My client would like to include in the Pre Treatment using UF System either Hollow Fibre or Submerged UF. Please offer a a complete full system with all necessary equipment , instrumentation and PLC control. RO Mrmbrane could either be 8 inches or 16 inches Raw water supply is from the ocean. Please work out a budgetary proposal for me to further discuss with my client. Lookingb forward to your reply soonest

  2. raul cabre
    raul cabre says:

    For a hotel located in the caribbean we are looking for a quotation of plant for 18 K LTH .- Please may you send emial — thank you

  3. Kenneth Ian Reyes Ramos
    Kenneth Ian Reyes Ramos says:

    Do you have a company here in the philippines
    Because I need reverse osmosis membrane for sea water in my thesis!
    Thank you for your response!

  4. Kenneth Ian Reyes Ramos
    Kenneth Ian Reyes Ramos says:

    Do you have a company here in the philippines
    Because I need reverse osmosis membrane for sea water in my thesis

  5. Voda Laurentiu
    Voda Laurentiu says:

    Free ideea to desalination. The su. Warms the galvanized sheet painted with graphite (electrophoresis technique) The board extends didreays by 1 meter. Water evaporates , is captured in small channels. The length of the device is between 10 m to 2000 m or higher. The electricity consumed is just to pump the water into the pool.

  6. khechiba ilyas
    khechiba ilyas says:

    hello my name is ilyas i’m an engeneer in water treatment from algeria and i’m looking for a job ( any job ) in USA

  7. Jay
    Jay says:

    I am thinking about introducing mobil disalanation containers in africa. How much will be the approximate cost per gallon? How many gallons can comtainer size produce appro. Can this idea be a food investment. We will operate amd maintain the containors.

  8. Francis Tang
    Francis Tang says:

    I’m hunting for a job in construction of Desalination Plant.
    I am a construction manager having completed a project on a 200MLD Seawater Desalination Plant in Oman and can be reached on my email address).

  9. Rey Boza
    Rey Boza says:

    I am looking for a water treatment job. I have an experience in comercial RO system assembly combined electrical control and wiring.

  10. Noel Lakilak
    Noel Lakilak says:

    I would like to ask for quotation for a 25,000 to 30,000 persons desalination plant / reverse osmosis capacity. I am going to supply a portable water ro a community in an island in bohol, philippines. My company will supply operate and maintain this project. I hope you will reply soon. Thank you very much.
    Very truly yours,

  11. Shafiq Gamiet
    Shafiq Gamiet says:

    Good Day. How much would it cost to purify 100 million litres of sea water per day? Cost in equipment and electricity? We have a drought and water crisis. Thanks


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