Water capacity: 500LPH

  • Water capacity:
  • Water recovery rate:
  • Normal power supply
  • Rated power
  • Raw water inlet TDS
  • Water outlet TDS
  • Working pressure
  • Operation temperature
  • Raw water inlet residual chlorine
  • Raw water input SDI
  • Water inlet turbidness
  • Water input pH value
  • Main body dimensions: 95X92X140 (cm)
  • Packing dimensions: 105X100X160 (cm)
  • 500LPH
  • 30%
  • 3 phase 380V 50Hz
  • 5kW
  • 38000 PPM
  • <600 PPM
  • <6 Mpa
  • 10 – 45℃
  • <0.1 PPM
  • <5
  • <1 NTU
  • 3-10
  • Net weight: about 200-220kg
  • Packing gloss weight: 360-300kg
5 replies
  1. Ram
    Ram says:

    I am from Sri Lanka, we are a water treatment company, Could you please send me the price of Sea water RO plants.
    50 LPH, 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH……?

  2. Zaid Hanif
    Zaid Hanif says:

    Please quote your prices of sea water Desalination plants

    50 LPH
    250 LPH
    500 LPH

    I would appreciate your urgent cooperation in this regard.

    Zaid Hanif

  3. Dr. Eng. Ahmed Seddik
    Dr. Eng. Ahmed Seddik says:

    My best regard
    I am Dr. Eng. Ahmed Seddik , from Egypt , own the “ Pure Water Company in Egypt.
    I would like to have the price of your :
    portable seawater 500LPH reverse osmosis desalination RO for drinking

    Please note that my input water is seawater , the required output water is drinking water .
    Please , can you supply the following data :
    For how many hours the system can operate per day , is it require some rest time .
    What is normal output water per day?
    What is the average power required ?
    What is the average energy required ?
    What is the life time of the RO membrane?
    Can we estimate the running cost of output water liter ?
    What is the maintenance plan and procedure?
    Installation procedure, is it need your experts?
    What is the possibilities for operate with solar or wind power?
    Dr. Eng. Ahmed Seddik

    • Purify device
      Purify device says:

      Dear Dr. Eng. Ahmed Seddik

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Already send you details on email.

      Pls check.

      Thanks and best regards!



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