RO system:

RO system origin:

In 1950 the American scientist DR.S.Sourirajan had no intention to find seagulls sip a large mouth of seawater when they flying from the sea, by a few seconds later, spit out a small mouth of the sea water, DR.S.Sourirajan then have doubt. Because the land animals which breathe by lungs is absolutely impossible to drink high salinity of the seawater. After anatomical then discovery seagull body has a layer of film, and this film is very precise. The sea water through the seagull inhaled then after body pressure, and then by the pressure of water molecules penetrate through the film transfer to fresh water, while the seawater containing impurities and highly concentrated salts spit out of mouth, which is the basic theoretical framework of the reverse osmosis method.

In 1953, the University of Florida was used in desalination device to remove salt. The United States federal government Project support US U.C.L.A University School of Medicine professor Dr.S.Sidney Lode with Dr. DR.S.Soirirajan to study the reverse osmosis membrane, invested about 400 million US dollars a year to apply to the use of astronauts, so that the spacecraft do not need carry a large number of drinking water. Until 1960, more and more experts engaged in research work, so that the quality and quantity more sophisticated, thus solving the difficulties in human drinking water.

RO system membrane:

Reverse osmosis membrane is to achieve the reverse osmosis of water solution, using a special process of synthetic semi-permeable membrane. The diameter of reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0001 microns (μm), only the water molecules can pass this film, and its solute can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. In pure water machine, and water purification system, reverse osmosis membrane specifically refers to the formation of reverse osmosis membrane filter. Reverse osmosis membrane filter is the key part of pure water machine, only by using of reverse osmosis membrane, can be called pure water machine. RO membrane can remove heavy metals in the water, as well as chemicals, particulate matter, bacterial viruses, radioactive substances and other harmful substances on the human body.